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  • Knowledge about Our Experience and Distinguishing Between Possibilities 

    Matuszkiewicz, Maria (2017)
    In my article I reconstruct the main threads of Robert Stalnaker’s book Our Knowledge of the Internal World, which focuses on the problem of our epistemic relation to our experience and the relation between experience ...
  • Semantic Internalism Is a Mistake 

    Bielecka, Krystyna (2017)
    The concept of narrow content is still under discussion in the debate over mental representation. In the paper, one-factor dimensional accounts of representation are analyzed, particularly the case of Fodor's methodological ...
  • Just How Conservative Is Conservative Predictive Processing? 

    Gładziejewski, Paweł (2017)
    Predictive Processing (PP) framework construes perception and action (and perhaps other cognitive phenomena) as a matter of minimizing prediction error, i.e. the mismatch between the sensory input and sensory ...
  • Embodied Cognition: Looking Inward 

    Nowakowski, Przemysław R. (2017)
    The body is a highly complex, coordinated system engaged in coping with many environmental problems. It can be considered as some sort of opportunity or obstacle, with which internal processing must deal. Internal ...
  • Mental Concepts: Theoretical, Observational or Dispositional Approach? 

    Pokropski, Marek (2017)
    n the article I discuss the conceptual problem of other minds and different approaches to mental concepts. Firstly, I introduce the conceptual problem and argue that solutions proposed by theory-theory and direct ...

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