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    • Agaw Lexicon and Its Cushitic and Afro-Asiatic Background 

      Takacs, Gábor (Komitet Nauk Orientalistycznych PAN, 2012)
      The long awaited Comparative Dictionary of the Agaw Languages published most recently by David Appleyard (2006) presents a precious etymological treatment not only for specialists of Agaw and Cushitic, but also from ...
    • Lexica Afroasiatica X 

      Takacs, Gábor (Komitet Nauk Orientalistycznych PAN, 2011)
      Comparative-historical Afro-Asiatic linguistics has undergone a significant development over the past half century, since the appearence Essai comparatif sur le vocabulaire et la phonétique du chamito-sémitique (1947) ...