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    • Autophagy in DNA Damage Response 

      Czarny, Piotr; Pawlowska, Elzbieta; Bialkowska-Warzecha, Jolanta; Kaarniranta, Kai (MDPI AG, 2015-01-23)
      DNA damage response (DDR) involves DNA repair, cell cycle regulation and apoptosis, but autophagy is also suggested to play a role in DDR. Autophagy can be activated in response to DNA-damaging agents, but the exact mechanism ...
    • Elevated Level of DNA Damage and Impaired Repair of Oxidative DNA Damage in Patients with Recurrent Depressive Disorder 

      Czarny, Piotr; Kwiatkowski, Dominik; Kacperska, Dagmara; Kawczyńska, Daria; Talarowska, Monika; Orzechowska, Agata; Bielecka-Kowalska, Anna; Szemraj, Janusz; Gałecki, Piotr; Śliwiński, Tomasz (International Scientific Information, 2015-02-06)
      Background: Depressive disorder (DD), including recurrent DD (rDD), is a severe psychological disease, which affects a large percentage of the world population. Although pathogenesis of the disease is not known, a growing ...