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dc.contributor.authorTchuenche, Jean M.
dc.description.abstractA simple age-dependent population dynamics model with an additional structure or physiological variable is presented in its variational formulation. Although the model is well-posed, the closed form solution with space variable is difficult to obtain explicitly, we prove the uniqueness of its solutions using the fundamental Green’s formula. The space variable is taken into account in the extended model with the assumption that the coefficient of diffusivity is unity.pl_PL
dc.publisherŁódź University Presspl_PL
dc.relation.ispartofseriesActa Universitatis Lodziensis. Folia Mathematica;1
dc.rightsUznanie autorstwa-Bez utworów zależnych 3.0 Polska*
dc.rightsUznanie autorstwa-Bez utworów zależnych 3.0 Polska*
dc.subjectVariational inequalitiespl_PL
dc.subjectpopulation dynamicspl_PL
dc.subjectage structurepl_PL
dc.subjectphysiological variablepl_PL
dc.subjectOstrogradski or Green’s formulapl_PL
dc.titleSpatial and age-dependent population dynamics model with an additional structure: can there be a unique solution?pl_PL
dc.rights.holder© 2013 for University of Łódź Presspl_PL
dc.contributor.authorAffiliationDepartment of Mathematics, University of Dar es Salaam P.O.Box 35062, Dar es Salaam, Tanzaniapl_PL
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