1. Introduction

China from Domestic Perspective

2. Gender and Corruption – insights from China
Qi Wang, Dongchao Min
3. Hukou Reform and Social Instability in China
Sun Jiabao

China in the Global Perspective

4. The New “Selective Diplomacy” of the People’s Republic of China: towards a “partial” interference in global affairs?
Barbara Onnis
5. Modeling Identity. The Financial Crisis and China’s International Status
Dominik Mierzejewski
6. The Africa Policy of the People’s Repu blic of China and its impacton Nigeria and Zambia
Márta Rigó
7. Back to the Past: The Present Model of Sino-Russian Relations as a Return to their Initial Asymmetry
Michał Lubina
8. The Military and Security Aspects of Obama’s Pivot to Asia
Przemysław Furgacz
9. European Union Trade Policy Towards China, Japan and South Korea
Anna Wróbel
10. “Chinese Factor” in Developing the EU’s Grand Strategy
Tomasz Kamiński

China in the Regional Perspective

11. Coming From Nowhere: the Chinese Perception of the Concept of Central Europe
Richard Turcsányi, Runya Qiaoan, Zdeněk Kříž
12. Asian Foreign Direct Investment in Lower Silesia and Migration Movements in the Region
Patrycja Matusz-Protasiewicz, Joanna Rajca
13. The New Great Game Revised – Regional Security in Post-Soviet Central Asia
Krzysztof Kozłowski
14. The Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands Dispute. Tiny Islets and Immense Legal Problems
Marek Wasiński
15. The Implications of China’s Fisheries Industry Regulation and Development for the South China Sea Dispute
Vida Macikenaite
16. Hedging China? The Meaning of the ASEAN Member States’ Interests in Forging their Policies Towards China
Joanna Dobkowska
17. Indonesian Perceptions of China’s Threat to ASEAN. Will the PRC‘s Influence Split ASEAN?
Jann Christoph von der Pütten
18. Annex. Tables and Figures

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