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    • Digital inequalities 2.0: Legacy inequalities in the information age 

      Robinson, Laura; Schulz, Jeremy; Blank, Grant; Ragnedda, Massimo; Ono, Hiroshi; Hogan, Bernie; Mesch, Gustavo; Cotten, Shelia R.; Kretchmer, Susan B.; Hale, Timothy M.; Yan, Pu; Wellman, Barry; Harper, Molly-Gloria; Quan-Haase, Anabel; Dunn, Hopeton S.; Casilli, Antonio A.; Tubaro, Paola; Carveth, Rod; Chen, Wenhong; Wiest, Julie B.; Dodel, Matías; Stern, Michael J.; Ball, Christopher; Huang, Kuo-Ting; Khilnani, Aneka; Drabowicz, Tomasz (University of Illinois at Chicago Library, 2020-07-06)
      2020 marks the 25th anniversary of the “digital divide.” Although a quarter century has passed, legacy digital inequalities continue, and emergent digital inequalities are proliferating. Many of the initial schisms identified ...