The journal's content consists of four permanent parts: "Articles", "Book Reviews", "Announcements" and "Books Received". We envision that in time we will be able to introduce the sections "Forum" and/or "Letters to the Editor" which will present responses to the articles and works published in the IS. In this first attempt to bring to our readers the most interesting voices of opinion and the most promising approaches to international studies, the IS finds itself publishing essays that vary widely in methodology and focus. Several essays in our first issue combine approaches to political and cultural studies from a global point of view; others concentrate on regional and local matters. Unlike fruit, flowers, or cells, the texts are grouped not according to any natural principle but by a process of selection from the manuscript pool and by arranging them in particular sequences. While editing the first issue, this operation has unfailingly revealed some surprising connections, which in another age might have elicited a Baudelairean awe of correspondence.

Nazwa: International Studies: Interdisciplinary Political and Cultural Journal
ISSN: 1641-4233
E-ISSN: 2300-8695
Wydawca: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego
Ukazuje się od: 2007 r.

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