1. Introduction
    Czesław Domański, Anna Witaszczyk
  2. Kazimierz Władysław Kumaniecki – a Statistician the Founder of Polish Statistical Society
    Czesław Domański
  3. Professor Marek Fisz (1910–1963). On the Centenary of his Birth
    Mirosław Krzyśko
  4. Selected Scientific Works of Zbigniew Pawłowski on the Occasion of the 80th Anniversary of his Birthday
    Janusz Leszek Wywiał
  5. Professor Wiktor Oktaba 1920–2009
    Bronisław Ceranka
  6. Posthumous tribute to Professor Bogusław Guzik
    Milda Maria Burzała
  7. Statistical Tests Based on Empty Cells
    Czesław Domański
  8. Some Properties of the Robust Trend Tests
    Grażyna Trzpiot
  9. On Testing the Significance of the Coefficients in the Multiple Regression Analysis
    Grzegorz Kończak
  10. Using Permutation Tests in Multiple Correlation Investigation
    Jacek Stelmach
  11. Tests of Multivariate Independence Based on Copula
    Joanna Tomanek
  12. Notes on the Optimum Chemical Balance Weighing Design
    Bronisław Ceranka, Małgorzata Graczyk
  13. Some Construction of Regular A-Optimal Spring Balance Weighing Designs for Even Number of Objects
    Małgorzata Graczyk
  14. On Generating Correlated Pseudo-Random Binary Numbers
    Wojciech Gamrot
  15. Hierarchical Log-linear Models for Contingency Tables
    Justyna Brzezińska
  16. Imputation of Missing Data Using R Package
    Małgorzata Misztal
  17. Comparison of Stability of Classical Taxonomy Bagging Metod with Bagging Based on Co-Occurence Data
    Dorota Rozmus
  18. On Pseudo-EBLUP Under Some Model for Longitudinal Data with Auxiliary Variables
    Tomasz Żądło
  19. Statistical Inference from Complex Sample with SAS on the Example of Household Budget Surveys
    Dorota Bartosińska
  20. Special Cases of Some General Formula for Price Indices
    Jacek Białek
  21. Applicability of the Multi- Group Confirmatory Factor Analysis to Construction of Business Sentiment Indicators
    Piotr Białowolski
  22. Bayesian Exponential Survival Model in the Analysis of Unemployment Duration Determinants
    Wioletta Grzenda
  23. Evaluation of College Students with Application of Latent Class Analysis
    Aneta Rybicka, Marcin Pełka

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