1. A Certain Amount of the Unknown - The Argument of the Bodily in Don DeLillo
    Kacper Bartczak
  2. Whose Vanity Is It Anyway? The End of Pound’s Canto LXXXI
    Stephen Brown
  3. The Victorian and the Historical in Post-Victorian Fiction
    Marta Bryk
  4. J. L. and the Temple of the Gendered God. A Study of The Tent Peg by Aritha van Herk
    Dorota Filipczak
  5. A Woman Imprisoned. Analysis of Formal Inferiority of Women in Selected Novels of W. S. Maugham
    Anna Gaździńska
  6. “Some falls are means the happier to arise”: Processes of Jeopardy in Shakespeare’s Late Play
    Adam Hansen
  7. Derek Mahon’s Affiliations with Albert Camus
    Aleksandra Hodoń
  8. Language and Fiction as Subjects and Media of Simon Armitage’s Poems
    Joanna Kruczkowska
  9. Laurence Sterne Disowning Death - Tristram Shandy
    Agnieszka Łowczanin-Łaszkiewicz
  10. Yeats and a Place Beyond
    Carla McLaughlin
  11. Native American Spider in Postmodern Labyrinth: Narrative, Narration and Intertextuality in Louise Erdrich’s Novel
    Małgorzata Myk
  12. What Can Storytelling Do for/to a Yellow Woman? The Function of Storytelling in the Process of Identity Formation of US Mulatto Women
    Izabella Penier
  13. William Trevor’s Short Stories About Ireland
    Adam Sumera
  14. Supernatural Agents of the Unconscious Mind: The Gothic Mode in Hamlet and Macbeth
    Dorota J. Wiśniewska
  15. The Sense of Guilt as the Factor Shaping the Form of Waterland and Out of This World
    Katarzyna Witek

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