1. Changing Land Use in Recent Decades and its Impact on Plant Cover in Agricultural and Forest Landscapes in Poland
    Anna Bomanowska, Marcin Kiedrzyński
  2. Effect of Changes in Land Use During the 20th Century on Woodland and Calcareous Grassland Vegetation in Southern Poland
    Zbigniew Dzwonko
  3. Forest Return on an Abandoned Field - Secondary Succession Under Monitored Conditions
    Wojciech Adamowski, Anna Bomanowska
  4. Vegetation Transformations of Kujawy-Pomerania Region in the Last Twenty Years Period
    Tomasz Załuski
  5. The Analysis of the Forest Flora of the Strzyżowskie Foothills from the Perspective of Presence of Anthropogenic Species
    Krystyna Towpasz, Alina Stachurska-Swakoń
  6. Ancient Woodlands' and Synanthropic Plants as Indicators of Maintenance of the Forest Communities in the Nature Reserves of the Oświęcim Basin
    Zbigniew Wilczek, Michał Romańczyk, Alicja Barć
  7. Impact of Land Use Changes and Dynamic Vegetation Changes on Vascular Flora Diversity in Małków-Bartochów (The Warta River Valley)
    Beata Woziwoda, Dorota Michalska-Hejduk
  8. Anthropogenic Causes of Peatland Species Vanishing in the Glinno Ługi Area
    Beata Woziwoda, Agata Komperda
  9. Diversity of Forest and Shrub Communities as a Result of Site History and of Extensive and Intensive Forest Management (Glinno Ługi Case Study)
    Beata Woziwoda, Katarzyna Ambrożkiewicz
  10. Actual State and Changes of Flora and Vegetation in the Broczówka Steppe Reserve
    Anna Cwener, Marcin Nowak
  11. Introduction of Alien Tree Species and its Influence on Floristical Composition and Vegetation Structure of Acidophilous Oak Forests: The Experimental Plots in the Zielonka Forest
    Halina Ratyńska, Marian Grodzki, Barbara Waldon, Ewa Wachowiak
  12. An Attempt at Assessment of Alnetum Incanae Lüdi 1921 Transformations in the Skawica River Valley (The Beskid Żywiecki MTS)
    Izabela Skowronek, Beata Babczyńska-Sendek, Damian Chmura
  13. Transformation of Forest Vegetation After 40 Years of Protection in the Tomczyce Nature Reserve (Central Poland)
    Marcin Kiedrzyński, Katarzyna Zielińska, Paulina Grzelak
  14. Reaction of Coniferous Forest Vegetation to Particulate Deposition Under Alkaline Pressure
    Anna Świercz
  15. Estimation of Population Size of Dentaria Enneaphyllos in the Vicinity of the Bełchatów Brown Coal Mine and the Attempt of its Metaplantation
    Józef Kurowski, Ewelina Koczywąs, Michał Pieńkowski

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