1. Introduction
    Janusz Bilski, Ewa Feder- Sempach
  2. The Euro as a Reserve Currency
    Marzena Adamczyk
  3. Neutral Inflation and the Costs of Joining and Staying in the Eurozone
    Jan L. Bednarczyk
  4. The Role of the Exchange Rate in Poland’s Economy. The Empirical Verification of the Dornbusch Model During the Period of 2007 to 2009
    Janusz Bilski
  5. The Prospects of Polish Membership in the EMU on the Background of Global Recession 2007–2009
    Sławomir I. Bukowski
  6. Opportunities and Threats Related to Accession of Poland to the Euro Zone – Perspective of Polish Enterprises
    Marlena Dzikowska, Marian Gorynia, Barbara Jankowska, Maciej Pietrzykowski, Piotr Tarka
  7. Structural Changes or Possible Exit of Greece from the Eurozone?
    Grigorios Gikas, Periklis Tagkas
  8. Remedial Measures for Public Finance in the European Union Countries
    Eugeniusz Gostomski
  9. Job Satisfaction and Employee Performance of Greek Banking Staff: An Empirical Investigation
    Alina Hyż
  10. Great Britain and the Euro Zone
    Małgorzata Janicka
  11. The Structure of Foreign Funding and Critical Deficit in the Economy of Emerging Countries
    Eugeniusz Najlepszy
  12. Joining the Euro Zone: From the Perspective of Emerging Europe Countries
    Andrzej Sławiński

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