1. Analysis of Spatial Diversification of Economic Growth Level in Powiats of Dolnośląskie Voivodship
    Elżbieta Chądzyńska
  2. The Determinants of Total Factor Productivity in Polish Subregions. Panel Data Analysis
    Barbara Dańska-Borsiak,Iwona Laskowska
  3. Analysis of Tourism Service Quality in Kołobrzeg Region by Means of Time Series Models
    Ewa K. Dłubakowska-Puzio, Michał Karpuk, Kamil Puzio
  4. Skilled Personnel Supply and the Prospects for Regional Innovative Development in Poland
    Artur Gajdos, Edyta Żmurkow
  5. Exploring Social Exclusion in the European Union, a Quantitative Approach
    Roman Gavuliak
  6. Selected Challenges From Spatial Statistics For Spatial Econometricians
    Daniel A. Griffith
  7. Determinants for Spatial Location of Pharmacies
    Maciej Jewczak
  8. Transport Availability vs. Development of Poland’S Regions
    Ewa Kusideł, Joanna Górniak
  9. Prolific Inventor Productivity and Mobility: A Western/Asian com-parison. Evidence from US Patent Data for 12 Countries
    Christian Le Bas, William Latham, Dmitry Volodin
  10. Spatio-Temporal Analysis of Unemployment Rate in Poland
    Karolina Lewandowska-Gwarda
  11. Spatial Analysis of the Labour Market by Using Econometric Tools. The Case of Lower Silesia Region (Dolnośląskie Voivodship)
    Elżbieta Litwińska
  12. The Analysis of the Life Expectancy and the Selected Causes of Deaths in Poland with the Use of Spatial Statistics Methods
    Zofia Mielecka-Kubień
  13. Dynamics of Change in Spatial Dependencies in Blood Donation System in Poland
    Anna Ojrzyńska, Sebastian Twaróg
  14. Spatially Integrated Social Research and Official Statistics: Methodological Remarks and Empirical Results on Local Development
    Włodzimierz Okrasa
  15. Measuring Cost Efficiency Of Ukrainian Banks In 2008
    Anatoliy Pilyavskyy, Yuriy Matsiv, Olga Vovchak
  16. Smart Specialization of Workforce Structure in the European Union Countries – Dynamic Analysis Applying Shift-Share Analysis Method
    Elżbieta Sobczak
  17. European Regional Space Classification Regarding Smart Growth Level
    Małgorzata Markowska, Danuta Strahl
  18. Comparative Analysis of the Level of Knowledge-Based Part of Economies in European Union Countries with Kam Methodology
    Piotr Strożek
  19. Spatial Quantile Regression
    Grażyna Trzpiot
  20. Land Management of the Areas of High Landscape Values: An Economic Model
    Wiesław Wańkowicz
  21. Multicountry and Regional Macroeconometric Models
    Władysław Welfe
  22. On Misspecification of Spatial Weight Matrix for Small Area Estimation in Longitudinal Analysis
    Tomasz Żądło

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