1. Demographic Change, Ageing and Societal Challenges in Europe
    Bettina van Hoven, Bettina; Aleid Brouwer, Aleid; Louise Meijering; Philip McCann
  2. Introduction
    Bettina van Hoven; Aleid Brouwer; Louise Meijering
  3. Movers or Stayers? Heterogeneity of Older Adults' Residential Profiles Across Continental Europe
    Celia Fernández-Carro
  4. Residential Mobility of Older Adults in the Dutch Housing Market: Do Individual Characteristics and Housing Attributes Have an Effect on Mobility?
    Petra de Jong; Aleid Brouwer
  5. Growing Old in Cities. Council Housing Estates in Trieste as Laboratories for New Perspectives in Urban Planning
    Massimo Bricocoli; Elena Marchigiani
  6. ‘We Make Ourselves at Home Wherever We are’1-Older People's Placemaking in Newton Hall
    Bettina van Hoven; Linden Douma
  7. Places that Matter: Place Attachment and Wellbeing of Older Antillean Migrants in the Netherlands
    Debbie Lager; Bettina van Hoven; Louise Meijering
  8. The Effectiveness of Real Estate Market Versus Efficiency of Its Participants
    Małgorzata Renigier-Biłozor; Radosław Wiśniewski
  9. Youth Unemployment, Ageing and Regional Welfare: The Regional Labour Market Policy Response to Ageing in Sweden
    Daniel Rauhut; Petri Kahila
  10. Evaluating the Prevalence and Nature of Self-Employment in the Informal Economy: Evidence From a 27-Nation European Survey
    Colin Williams; Sara Nadin; Jan Windebank
  11. Horizontal and Vertical Dimensions of Social Trust - The Case of Łódź and the Districts of Łódź Voivodeship
    Monika Mularska-Kucharek; Kamil Brzeziński

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