1. A Comparative Approach to Fiscal Illusions: a Synthesis of the Conclusions from a Polish Study in Relation to New Ideas and Empirical Research in Selected Countries
Beata Guziejewska
2. A Pre Post-COVID–19 Pandemic Review of Regional Connectivity and Socio-Economic Development Reforms: What Can Be Learned by Central and Eastern European Countries from the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor
Atta Ullah, Chen Pinglu, Saif Ullah, Muhammad Ather Elahi
3. The Causal Link between FDI and Remittances in Kosovo, Switzerland, and Denmark
Kida Nakije
4. Taxation of the Self‑employed in Poland and other EU Countries – a Comparative Analysis
Anna Krajewska, Piotr Krajewski
5. A Comparative Analysis of the Expectations Hypothesis of the Term Structure of Interest Rates between the BRICS and G7 Countries
Paul‑Francois Muzindutsi, Sinethemba Mposelwa
6. The Restructuring of the European Pharmaceutical Industry between 2000 and 2018
Benedek Nagy
7. A Comparative Analysis of the Trade and Industrial Policies of Ukraine and China in the Context of the Obor Initiative
Tamara Ostashko, Volodymyr Olefir, Vitalii Venger, Olena Boiko
8. Consumer Behaviour in the Accommodation Services Market – a Comparison of Vienna, Bratislava and Prague in 2018
Martin Petříček, Štěpán Chalupa
9. The Persistence of Suicides in G20 Countries between 1990 and 2017: an SPSM Approach to Three Generations of Unit Root Tests
Izunna Anyikwa, Nicolene Hamman, Andrew Phiri
10. Does Social Trust Influence Charitable Giving for NGOs?
Halina Waniak‑Michalak, Ivana Perica

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