1. Introduction
    Bogdan Suchecki
  2. Spatial econometrics methods and models

  3. Some Challenges for Spatial Econometricians
    Jean H.P. Paelinc
  4. On space sampling designs
    Janusz L. Wywiał
  5. Assessing the Space-Time Structure with a Multidimensional Perspective
    Alicja Olejnik
  6. Spatial Aspects in the Multilevel Models Construction
    Edyta Łaszkiewicz
  7. Spatio-Temporal analysis of chosen markets

  8. Econometric Evaluation of Risk at the Shanghai Stock Exchange
    Magdalena Osińska, Marcin Fałdziński, Tomasz Zdanowicz
  9. The Analysis of the Spatial Stability of Prices on the Secondary Housing Market
    Barbara Batóg, Iwona Foryś
  10. Spatio-Temporal modeling of social, economic and environmental development

  11. Spatial Microsimulation Analysis of Proportion of Out-Of-Pocket Pharmaceutical Expenditures in Household Income in Poland in the Years 2010–2018
    Agata Żółtaszek
  12. Analysis of Multidimensional Temporal and Spatial Data Based on the Example of Employment in Health Care in Selected Voivodeships of Poland
    Danuta Rozpędowska-Matraszek
  13. Degradation of Air vs. Quality of Life – Spatial Panel Analysis
    Elżbieta Antczak
  14. Application of MIMIC Model to Construction of Environmental Pressure Index
    Renata Jaworska
  15. Evaluation of Rural Development Processes in the Lublin Region Using Similarity Measures
    Danuta Guzal-Dec, Magdalena Zwolińska-Ligaj
  16. PLS Regression Using Spatial Weights on the Example of Spatial Modeling Support for Political Parties in Elections 2011 to the Sejm of the Republic of Poland
    Maciej Beręsewicz
  17. Analysis of Spatial Concentration of the Regional Operational Programmes Funds Support Use
    Emilia Modranka

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