1. Planning Systems Facing Heritage Issues in Europe: from Protection to Management, in the Plural Interpretations of the Values of the Past
    Anna Geppert
  2. Affordances of Historic Urban Landscapes: an Ecological Understanding of Human Interaction with the Past
    Susana Alves
  3. Between Planning and Heritage: Cultural Parks and National Heritage Areas
    Pablo Alonso González; Alfredo Macías Vázquez
  4. From Planning to Management of Cult Ural Heritage Sites: Controversies and Conflicts Between Unesco Whl Management Plans and Local Spatial Planning in South-Eastern Sicily
    Francesco Lo Piccolo; Vincenzo Todaro
  5. Towards Governance or the Management of Cultural Landscapes
    Peter Kurz; Gisa Ruland; Sibylla Zech
  6. Heritage Protection Versus Individual Interests in a Post-Socialist Country: the Case of Mšeno, Czech Republic
    Vojta Nowotny; Alena Wranová; Jitka Trevisan
  7. Does Greek Conservation Policy Effectively Protect the Cultural Landscapes? A Critical Examination of Policy’s Efficiency in Traditional Greek Settlements
    Ioanna Katapidi
  8. Explaining Cross-National Variations in the Prevalence and Character of Undeclared Employment in the European Union
    Colin C. Williams
  9. Conzenian Tradition in Polish Urban Historical Morphology
    Mariusz Kulesza
  10. Specific Issues of Urban Sprawl in Bulgaria
    Aleksandar D. Slaev; Atanas Kovachev
  11. Landscape-Related Aspects of the Siting of Wind Farms in Poland: A Case Study of the Great Masurian Lake District
    Wiesława Gadomska; Mariusz Antolak
  12. European Union’s Cohesion Policy – Diversity of the Multi-Level Governance Concept, the Case Study of Three European States
    Petr Kolařík; Vít Šumpela; Jana Tomešová
  13. City Branding Evaluation and Analysis of Cultural Capabilities of Isfahan City
    Nader Zali; Issa Ebrahimzadeh; Masoud Zamani-Poor; Amin Arghash

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