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dc.contributor.authorKorczak-Kubiak, Ewa
dc.contributor.authorLoranty, Anna
dc.contributor.authorPawlak, Ryszard J.
dc.contributor.editorHejduk, Jacek
dc.contributor.editorKowalczyk, Stanisław
dc.contributor.editorPawlak, Ryszard J.
dc.contributor.editorTurowska, Małgorzata
dc.identifier.citationKorczak-Kubiak E., Loranty A., Pawlak R.J.,Generalized (topological) metric space. From nowhere density to infinite games, [w:] Modern Real Analysis, J. Hejduk, St. Kowalczyk, R.J. Pawlak, M. Turowska (red.), WUŁ, Łódź 2015, doi: 10.18778/7969-663-5.07.pl_PL
dc.publisherWydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiegopl_PL
dc.relation.ispartofModern Real Analysis;
dc.rightsUznanie autorstwa-Użycie niekomercyjne-Bez utworów zależnych 3.0 Polska*
dc.subjectgeneralized topological spacepl_PL
dc.subjectBaire propertypl_PL
dc.subjectgeneralized metric spacepl_PL
dc.subjectset valued functionpl_PL
dc.subjecttransitive set valued functionpl_PL
dc.subjectBanach-Mazur gamepl_PL
dc.subjectset function gamepl_PL
dc.titleGeneralized (topological) metric space. From nowhere density to infinite gamespl_PL
dc.typeBook chapterpl_PL
dc.rights.holder© Copyright by Authors, Łódź 2015; © Copyright for this edition by Uniwersytet Łódzki, Łódź 2015pl_PL
dc.contributor.authorAffiliationUniversity of Łódź, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciencepl_PL
dc.contributor.authorAffiliationUniversity of Łódź, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Sciencepl_PL
dc.contributor.authorAffiliationUniversity of Łódź, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Department of Methodology Teaching Mathematicspl_PL
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