1. L’homme agissant and Self-understanding: Pamela Sue Anderson on Capability and Vulnerability
Małgorzata Hołda
2. IT’S ABOUT TIME: Trying an Essay Film
Mieke Bal
3. Dalí, Disney and Destino: Alchemy in Animation
David Allen
4. Made to Connive: Revisioning Cinderella in a Music Video. From Disney to Arthur Pirozkhov: A Case Study
Dorota Filipczak
5. Camp and Pop: David Bowie, Oskar Schlemmer, Madonna and Janelle Monáe
Kathrin Dreckmann
6. Cowboy Cops and Black Lives Matter: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and the Great White West[ern]
Debbie Olson
7. Representing Absence: Contemporary Ekphrasis in “Apesh-t”
Agata Handley
8. Journeys of Becoming: Hair, the Blogosphere and Theopoetics in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Americanah
Fiona Darroch
9. In the Universe of Cassandra: The Ancient Topos of Clairvoyance in the Futuristic World of Minority Report (2002)
Małgorzata Budzowska
10. “No Direction Home”: The Life and Literature of Bob Dylan–From “Desolation Row” to the Nobel Prize
Liam Gearon
11. Billy Woods’s Literary Intertexts
Jožef Kolarič
12. Stranger Than Fiction: Gothic Intertextuality in Shakespears Sister’s Music Videos
Tomasz Fisiak
13. Metanarratives and Storytelling in Contemporary Mainstream Popular Music: Romeo and Juliet in the Making of the Star Persona
Eduardo Viñuela
14. Taking Horror as You Find It: From Found Manuscripts to Found Footage Aesthetics
Tomasz Sawczuk
15. The Consumptive Significance of Images and Interface Values in Cyberpunk Cities
Hossein Mohseni, Kian Soheil
16. The Death of Language: Listening to the Echoes (of Georges Bataille) in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II—The Sith Lords
Marcin Hanuszkiewicz
17. Online Humour, Cartoons, Videos, Memes, Jokes and Laughter in the Epoch of the Coronavirus
Christine Nicholls
18. Sensorial Aesthetics: Cross-Modal Stylistics in Modernist Fiction
Niklas Salmose
19. Between Poetic Voice and Silence: Hart Crane, Yvor Winters, Metapoetics and Emily Dickinson’s Legacy
Alicja Piechucka
20. “Our Eyes Adjust to the Dark”: The Cosmic Sublime in Tracy K. Smith’s Life on Mars
Paulina Ambroży
21. “By [some] other means”: Talking (about) Racism and Race through Visual Arts in Claudia Rankine’s Citizen. An American Lyric
Jerzy Kamionowski
22. Frances Wright’s America: A 19th-Century Utopia
Justyna Fruzińska
23. The Poetic Bliss of the Re-described Reality: Wallace Stevens: Poetry, Philosophy, and the Figurative Language
Małgorzata Hołda
24. Systemic Intertextuality. A Morphogenetic Perspective
Tomasz Burzyński
25. “Sardoodledom” on the English Stage: T. W. Robertson and the Assimilation of Well-Made Play into the English Theatre
Anna Prośniak
26. Wartime Propaganda and Gender in Ahmad Mahmoud’s The Scorched Earth: A Dissident Reading
Ramin Farhadi

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