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Krystyna Kujawińska Courtney


3. Four-Character Idioms and the Rhetoric of Japanese Shakespeare Translation
Daniel Gallimore
4. The Domestication and Arabization of the Bard: Towards the Reception of Shakespeare in the Arab World
Mohammed Naser Hassoon
5. Performing Calibanesque Baptisms: Shakespearean Fractals of British Indian History
Arup K. Chatterjee
6. From Social Justice to Metaphor: The Whitening of Othello in the Russian Imagination
Natalia Khomenko
7. Crossings with Jatra: Bengali Folk-theatre Elements in a Transcultural Representation of Lady Macbeth
Aabrita Dutta Gupta
8. The Shakespeare Brand in Contemporary “Fair Verona”
Eleonora Oggiano
9. Individualization and Oedipalization in Reza Servati’s Adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth: An Expressionist Reworking
Mahdi Javidshad
10. ‘How can you say to me I am a King?’: New Historicism and its (Re)interpretations of the Design of Kingly Figures in Shakespeare’s History Plays
James Dale
11. The Inverted Initiation Rituals in Shakespeare with a Special Emphasis on Hamlet
Andrzej Wicher
12. The Medievalism of Emotions in King Lear
Anna Czarnowus
13. The Readers of 17th-Century English Manuscript Commonplace Book Hesperides, or the Muses’ Garden
Tianhu Hao

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16. In-MeMoriaM - Dr. Vicente Forés López
Jose Saiz Molina

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