Recent Submissions

  • On Compact Sets of Compact Operators on Banach Spaces not Containing a Copy of l^1 

    Akkouchi, Mohamed (Łódź University Press, 2010)
    F. Galaz-Fontes (Proc. AMS., 1998) has established a criterion for a subset of the space of compact linear operators from a reflexive and separable space X into a Banach space Y to be compact. F. Mayoral (Proc. AMS., ...
  • On a Generalized Sturm-Liouville Problem 

    Andrzejczak, Grzegorz; Poreda, Tadeusz (Łódź University Press, 2010)
    Basic results of our paper are devoted to a generalized Sturm-Liouville problem.
  • A Classical Approach to Dynamics of Parabolic Competitive Systems 

    Pietruk, Małgorzata; Przeradzki, Bogdan (Łódź University Press, 2010)
    We study the reaction-diffusion system, its stationary solutions, the behavior of the system near them and discuss similarities and differences for different boundary conditions.
  • Some Non-Measurable Sets 

    Kierus, Alicja (Łódź University Press, 2010)
    This paper contains constructions of some non-measurable sets, based on classical Vitali’s and Bernstein’s constructions (see for example [6]). This constructions probably belong to mathematical folklore, but as far ...