1. Introduction
  2. To the Abyss and Beyond
    Antonin Rusek
  3. Wage Flexibility across EMU Members: How Endogenous is the Currency Union?
    Herbert Buscher, Hubert Gabrisch
  4. Changes in the Level and Structure of Public Procurement Contracts in Poland after Joining the European Union
    Wacława Starzyńska
  5. Development of Financial Markets and Economic Growth: Case of Poland and Ireland
    Sławomir I. Bukowski
  6. The Development Prospects for the Recycled Materials Markets in the EU
    Adam Sadowski
  7. Common Agricultural Policy Path for Old and New Members
    Viktória Vásáry; Péter Halmai
  8. Evaluation of Alternative Taxation Solutions for Consumption Taxes Imposed on Polish Households According to Socioeconomic Groups – Simulation Analysis
    Bogusława Dobrowolska
  9. Predicted Consequences of Integration with the EMU for Polish Transport Enterprises – Result of Empirical Research
    Janusz Zrobek, Elżbieta Roszko
  10. Evaluation of the Development Level of the European Union States in Years 1990–2006
    Krzysztof Kompa, Dorota Witkowska
  11. EU Funds and Regional Development on the Lodzkie Voivodship Example
    Wiesław Jan Rogalski, Sławomir Popławski
  12. The External Conditionings of Innovation of Companies in Poland in Comparison to Selected European Union Countries
    Jan Kowalik
  13. The Influence of Structural Funds of the European Union on the Regional Development in 2004–2006 in the Lubuskie Voivodship
    Bogdan Ślusarz
  14. Analysis of Energy Production Process Influence on the Environment as the Element of LCA Technique
    Agata Mesjasz-Lech
  15. Innovation of the Lodz Region in the Context of Closing Implementing of 2.6 Action of Integrated Operating Program of Regional Development
    Ewelina Lis
  16. Effects of the Membership in the EU – the Case of Lodz
    Tomasz Jakubiec
  17. Pursuances and Challenges for State Aid in the Time of Crisis
    Elżbieta Maria Wrońska
  18. Quality of Public Finances and Economic Growth
    Viktória Vásáry; Péter Halmai
  19. Supporting Individual Farms with EU Funds – The Case of Central and Eastern Europe
    Maria Magdalena Grzelak, Justyna Wiktorowicz
  20. Sustainable Development of Poland and Europe – Spatiotemporal Analysis and Spatial EKC Models
    Elżbieta Antczak
  21. Comparative Analysis of DRG Systems in the EU Countries
    Maria Świderek
  22. Goals of National Bank of Poland Monetary Policy and Inflation Targeting Strategy in Relation to the European Central Bank Policy
    Joanna Tremblińska

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