1. Introduction
    Maciej Urbaniak
  2. Effective Leadership Behavior by Means of Acculturation: Cultural Differences and Learning Strategies
    Gerhard Reber
  3. Manifestation of Social Responsibility at University: Theoretical Insights
    Rimantė Hopenienė, Dalia Kunigėlienė, Raimonda Minkutė-Henrickson
  4. Online accounting software for the business
    Ceslovas Christauskas, Regina Miseviciene
  5. Human resource's role seeking to gain a competitive advantage
    Neringa Langviniene, Jurgita Sekliuckiene
  6. The picture of financial condition of Polish listed companies in 1995-2010 on the base of their cash flows initial evaluation
    Ewa Śnieżek
  7. The concepts of groups in accounting regulations and their impact on the level of capital, presented in the financial statements
    Radosław Ignatowski
  8. Smart Grids for Digital Society
    Bożena E Matusiak, Anna Pamuła, Jerzy S. Zieliński
  9. The Role of Strategic Options in Shareholder Value Creation
    Grzegorz Urbanek
  10. Innovations in management accounting at the turn of the 20th and 21st century
    Tomasz Wnuk-Pel
  11. Influence of the financial and non-financial information on the results of the public benefit organizations
    Halina Waniak-Michalak, Ewelina Zarzycka
  12. Waste identification and measurement as a first step towards Lean Management
    Beata Szkudlarek, Ewelina Zarzycka
  13. Performance measurement in Juliusz Au's theory of agricultural accounting in 19th century Poland
    Mikołaj Turzyński
  14. The use of fair value in measurement of non-current tangible assets by listed companies in Poland
    Maciej Frendzel
  15. Catalysts and deregulators of Polish e-Govemment
    Anna Kaczorowska, Anna Pamuła
  16. Cooperation of science with the business as a trend in hiring staff
    Izabela Bednarska-Wnuk, Marzena Syper-Jędrzejak
  17. Business process maturity assessment - concept, methods and tools
    Tomasz Bartosz Kalinowski
  18. Reasons and benefits of implementing Six Sigma in the empirical study of enterprises operating in Poland
    Maciej Urbaniak

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