1. Freedom and secretiveness, in late modernism
    Tomasz Bocheński
  2. Freedom in community or freedom in solitude? Remarks on republicanism and liberalism
    Tobiasz Adam Bocheński
  3. Intellectual limitation of freedom? The issues of libertas in the nationalistic reception of Italian fascism in the Second Polish Republic (based on the examples of journalistic publications)
    Paweł Sobczak
  4. Freedom of self-discreditation. On Witkacy’s letters to his wife
    Sara Kurowska
  5. Creator’s freedom. Schulz’s late projects
    Monika Szyszka vel Syska
  6. Totalitarianisms as systems of lawlessness (Miłosz’s remarks)
    Zbigniew Kaźmierczyk
  7. The multi-faceted nature of freedom in the life and works of Czesław Miłosz
    Michał Głuszak
  8. Freedom and possession in the letters of Andrzej Bobkowski
    Józef Maria Ruszar
  9. Parables of Un-freedom: Novels about the Spanish Inquisition in post-1956 People’s Poland
    John Bates
  10. Irony, self-mockery, and ironic turns of events. marian Załucki’s satirical performances
    Katarzyna Smyczek
  11. A few remarks on the mechanisms of censorship in the PRL and the Third Republic of Poland
    Jakub Dąbrowski
  12. 21st Century prose and freedom – from the issues of proza środka
    Agnieszka Czyżak
  13. Freedom as vulgarity in the poetry of débuting poets at the watershed moment of 1989
    Piotr Łuszczykiewicz
  14. Profanity in songs. Seeking the limits of freedom of speech, and the reproduction and sanctioning of contemporary linguistic tendencies
    Krzysztof Gajda
  15. Moments of liberty. (Self-)censorship Games in the Essays of Virginia Woolf
    Paulina Pająk
  16. Two freedoms. (Poetic) fragments of Michel Houellebecq
    Tomasz Wójcik
  17. Central Office of Press Control/ main Control Office of Press, Publication and Performances – background, audit scope and staff
    Kamila Kamińska-Chełminiak

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