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    • Antropologiczna refleksja nad dziennikarstwem prasowym 

      Latocha, Sebastian (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      Press journalism does not exist without a newspaper, but a newspaper does not consti-tute the whole press journalism. From this perspective, the issue of press genres is not important. Genology does not transcend the world ...
    • Programowanie muzyki w radiowych stacjach mainstreamowych (z uwzględnieniem formatu CHR) 

      Skrzypkowski, Krzysztof (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      The author describes the issue of musical programming in mainstream radio stations (based on CHR format). He defines the most popular radio formats, presents the history of programming, and points out the basic mechanisms ...
    • Wątki antysemickie w „Kurierze Łódzkim” w okresie międzywojennym 

      Hrycek, Miłosz (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      “Kurier Łódzki”, boasting a rich publishing tradition, was one of the most important daily newspapers in the Interwar period. Thanks to, among others, “Kurier’s” owner, Jan Stypułkowski and his activities, Łódź soon ...
    • Tekstowe gry przeglądarkowe – nowa płaszczyzna gier fabularnych 

      Nowaczek, Karolina (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      The article addresses the subject of text-based browser games belonging to the RPG genre. The characteristic feature of this game type is its social aspect and a greater level of immersion. Role-playing games have adapted ...
    • Rola muzyki we współczesnym reportażu radiowym 

      Klimczak, Kinga; Czarnek, Paulina (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      The aim of this article is to show the functions which music can perform in radio report-age. The analysis is based on documentaries created over the past decade by famous Polish reporters, such as Katarzyna Michalak, ...
    • Być politykiem, być publicystą – o Janie Marii Rokicie na wybranych przykładach 

      Mroziński, Juliusz (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      This article attempts to compare Jan Maria Rokita’s talks between 1989 and 2007, the period of his active participation in politics, and the theses which he posed as a journalist. This is meant to help answer the question ...
    • Specyfika pracy dziennikarza muzycznego w radiu publicznym 

      Stańczyk, Piotr (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      The Author specifies the role of a musical journalist and a radio DJ in a public radio station, dividing DJ duties into five categories: playing DJ broadcasts, preparing programmes of two types, music series and musical setting.
    • Czytelnik jako współtwórca lokalnej gazety na przykładzie „Nowego Życia Pabianic” 

      Hodak, Magdalena (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      The analysis shows different ways of engaging the reader in the creation of a newspaper. Such engagement is the most pronounced in local press, where the bond between the newspaper and the target reader is naturally much ...
    • Aktor w teatrze radiowym 

      Pawlik, Aleksandra (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      The article focuses on the intricacies of radio drama acting. It shows the similarities and differences between radio and TV drama, and describes the distinctive features of acting in radio drama in relation to other ...
    • Segmentacja polskiej prasy muzycznej 

      Mikosz, Joanna (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      The article consists of several parts. The first one introduces the formation of Polish music press since its inception – from the times of the country’s partitions. In addition, the author describes the history of this ...
    • Znaczeniowa funkcja muzyki w słuchowisku 

      Bachura, Joanna; Pawlik, Aleksandra (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      Music is one of the aural components of radio drama. The aim of this article is to de-scribe the function as well as the meaning of music in radio drama. Numerous examples used in this paper indicate a dual character of ...
    • Dziennikarstwo muzyczne jako przedmiot akademicki 

      Grzegorzewski, Krzysztof (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      This text is a short description of a new academic course: “Music journalism”. The author offers an analysis of media forms in press, as well as on the radio, television and the internet. Besides the traditional forms ...
    • Realizacje muzycznych formatów stacji radiowych na polskim rynku medialnym 

      Garcarek, Agnieszka (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      The private media have initiated many changes and triggered competition for audiences. One of the changes adjusting the radio to the audiences’ preferences. This article provides a definition of the main radio forms, ...
    • Z warsztatu operatora telewizyjnego 

      Ścieszko jr, Stanisław (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      The paper focuses on the work performed by a television operator: the way of recording news, current tendencies in filming footage, factors conducive to long shots and master shots, the various difficulties (for example, ...
    • Miejsca, w których uprawia się myślenie. Działalność czasopism kulturalnych w Polsce po 1989 roku 

      Nolbrzak, Renata (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      After 1989, when the borders were opened and the censorship, which had blocked the independent cultural activity, disappeared, free market appeared in Poland. The important proponents of the cultural life, particularly ...
    • Funkcjonowanie newsów w przekazie telewizyjnym 

      Grzegorzewski, Krzysztof (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      The text is focused on the characteristics of news in daily TV programmes, such as the news or broadcasts on round-the-clock television (e.g. TVN 24). The author proposes a definition of news and tries to approach its ...
    • Etyka w pracy dziennikarza muzycznego 

      Milczarek, Remigiusz (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      The Author focuses on the ethical problems faced by a music journalist, with special attention paid to the press review (based on examples taken from “Metal Hammer”, a magazine on music).
    • Publicystyka z zakresu muzyki poważnej w polskich mediach ogólnopolskich i regionalnych 

      Sasin, Magdalena ORCID (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      The author analyses commentaries on classical music in the Polish media. She indicates that this kind of journalism appears rarely in the broad-range press, on the radio and on television, but that it plays an important ...
    • Między ideałem a możliwościami – recenzowanie muzyki poważnej w prasie codziennej 

      Sasin, Magdalena ORCID (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      The Author addresses the problem of reviewing classical music in daily press (based on the example of “Gazeta Wyborcza”), paying attention to such problems as the editor’s requirements, the character of the reviews, as ...
    • Dwugłos o telewizji publicznej i komercyjnej, regionalnej i lokalnej. Rozmowa red. Tomasza Lasoty (TVP Łódź) i red. Remigiusza Mielczarka (TOYA). 

      Bednarek, Zbigniew ORCID (Primum Verbum, 2012)
      The text presents an interview between two television journalists who have rich professional experience. They talk about television’s goals, the way in which this medium functions, montage, people’s expectations of a ...