1. Teaching Legal History – History of Legal Teaching: Introductory Remarks
Łukasz Jan Korporowicz
2. Australian Legal Education – A Short History
David Barker
3. John Gilissen and the Teaching of Legal History in Brussels
Frederik Dhondt
4. At the Dawn of Legal History: Teaching Law in Ancient Mesopotamia
Lena Fijałkowska
5. Remarks on the Methodology of Comparative Legal Research in the Context of the History of Law in Poland
Michał Gałędek
6. The Education of Roman Law from 1874 to 1894 in Japan. The Transition of Contemporary Model of Legal Systems in the West and the Intellectual Backgrounds of Professors in Charge of Roman Law
Tomoyoshi Hayashi
7. A Legal History of Legal History in England and Wales
Richard W. Ireland
8. Is iniuria autem occidere intellegitur, cuius dolo aut culpa id acciderit. Some Remarks on Gaius Teaching Tort Law
Philipp Klausberger
9. Teaching Comparative Law in Eighteenth-Century England: Thomas Bever as a Comparative Lawyer as Exemplified by his Lectures on Polish Law and the Constitution
Łukasz Jan Korporowicz
10. Polish Auxiliary Forces and their Law Academic Scripts at the University Camp in Grangeneuve/Fribourg
Izabela Leraczyk
11. Towards a new Methodological Approach. Roman Law Community in Lviv Since Mid-19th Century until Early 20th Century
Grzegorz Nancka
12. Thinking Like a Lawyer: The Case for Roman Law
Paul du Plessis
13. The Teaching of Pre-Existing National Polish Law in the New Kingdom of Poland
Dorota Wiśniewska


14. Deo, E. Meera. 2019. Unequal Profession: Race and Gender in Legal Acadamia. 235. Stanford: Stanford University Press
Kathryn Birks Harvey
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Łukasz Jan Korporowicz

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