1.Hotel or rented flat: A profile of purchasers of accommodation services in Warsaw
Ewa Dziedzic
2.The effect of overall service quality on customer satisfaction: The moderating role of travel experience
Shengyu Gu
3.Content analysis of hotel reviews as a quality management tool: Preliminary verification of the SERVQUAL scale
Elżbieta Wąsowicz-Zaborek
4.Identifying quality gaps in tourism for people with disabilities: Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA)
Teresa Skalska
5.The musicscape in hotel businesses: Evidence from online reviews
Ozan Çatir
6.Opportunities for evaluation of sustainable tourism – assessing the availability of ETIS indicators in Poland
Agnieszka Niezgoda
7.Examining urban tourists’ attitudes: The case study of Belgrade (Serbia)
Milena Podovac, Slobodan Ivanović, Vedran Milojica
8.The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the pilgrimages of Konya Province inhabitants
Katarzyna Küçükkurma, Ewa Skowronek
9.Revisiting perceived determinants of tourism destination competitiveness among tourists: The case of national parks in Sarawak, Malaysia
Jun-Zhou Thong, May Chiun Lo, Thurasamy Ramayah, Abang Azlan Mohamad
10.Can a woman travel as a woman? Perceptions of travel barriers to women by personality trait
Canan Tanrısever, Ş. Buse Karaset, Dilara Eylül Koç
11.Anomalies in the ‘dark side’ of tourism: Resistance to popular sites in Samarinda, Indonesia
Erwin Kurniawan A., Irwansyah Irwansyah, Yundi Permadi Hakim, Dio Caisar Darma
12.Crisis-led transformation or no transformation at all? A multifaceted inquiry towards destination recovery
Ramjit Singh, Jeet Dogra, Mudasir Ahmad Mir, Venkata Rohan Sharma Karri

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