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  • Negotiating Anthropocentrism and Ecologies in Cozy Games 

    Pinder, Morgan (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, 2024-05-27)
    As we sit at the precipice of this planet’s sixth mass extinction event, we need to use every tool at our disposal to advocate for our ecologies. Human self-interest and anthropocentric thinking act as barriers to communicating ...
  • Soft Horrors: The Visual and Ludic Safety of Dark Cozy Games 

    Waszkiewicz, Agata (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, 2024-05-27)
    According to their most popular definition, cozy games are characterized by visual softness and relaxing gameplay devoid of combat and time-sensitive gameplay. However, with the recent increase in popularity of these games, ...
  • Cozy Heterotopias in JRPGs: A Foucauldian Perspective on the Spatiality of Coziness in Japanese Role-Playing Games 

    Simond, Stefan H.; Klös, Tobias (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, 2024-05-27)
    This article applies the concept of heterotopia as developed by Michel Foucault to cozy aesthetics in JRPGs. After introducing the concept of heterotopia and its six key principles, the term JRPG is briefly reflected upon. ...
  • Comfortably Numb: An Ideological Analysis of Coziness in Videogames 

    Andiloro, Andrea (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, 2024-05-27)
    This essay analyses the concept of coziness in videogames, focusing on their role as a stress-relieving diversion in modern capitalist societies. The article emphasizes the genre’s features of safety, abundance, and softness, ...
  • The Duality of Cozy Games: Cozy Agency, Neoliberalism, and Affect 

    Bódi, Bettina (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, 2024-05-27)
    Cozy games can be thought of both as indoctrination into, and escapism from, anxieties caused by neoliberal ideology underpinning the late-capitalist apparatus championing productivity, progress, and quantifiable result ...

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