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  • Style zarządzania kobiet i mężczyzn w biznesie 

    Dźwigoł-Barosz, Mariola (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, 2015)
    The following article presents male and female management styles. The article shows results of research carried out by domestic and foreign researchers, including the author’s own work about sex-related management ...
  • Istota coachingu we współczesnej organizacji 

    Dąbrowska, Karolina (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, 2015)
    The article discussed the essence, process and problems of coaching in organisations. Coaching helps to achieve estraordinary results, either in the occupational and personal life, it can free human’s mind and potential, ...
  • Specyfika relacji w ramach leasingu pracowniczego w strukturze grupy kapitałowej 

    Bąk-Grabowska, Dominika (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, 2015)
    In the paper an employee leasing has been shown in the light of chosen labour market theories and management conceptions. The conducted analysis indicated that an employee leasing – as an institution of Labour Market ...
  • Dobre praktyki w zakresie zatrudniania pracowników wiedzy 65 plus (wyniki badań empirycznych) 

    Bartkowiak, Grażyna (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, 2015)
    The question that this paper is the issue of the employment of knowledge workers 65 and over. Article seeks to obtain answers to questions which type it good practice can be used and are currently used for the employment ...
  • Relacja przełożony – podwładny w ujęciu psychoanalitycznym 

    Barabasz, Adela (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego, 2015)
    An article introduces psychoanalytic concepts which can be of help in making sense of seemingly irrational processes in individuals, groups and organizations. Looking at an organization through the spectrum of psychoanalytic ...

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